Drew Marine

Drew Marine is a global leader providing technical solutions and services to the marine industry with a comprehensive line of advanced marine chemicals, and equipment. Supported by a worldwide network of service engineers, and global supply chain delivering to more than 900 ports, we have a portfolio of products and services including:

  • Water Treatment
  • Fuel Treatment
  • Tank and Hold Cleaners
  • General Maintenance & Sealing
  • Welding & Refrigeration
  • Firefighting, Safety & Rescue
  • Engineered Systems & Products
  • Onboard Test Kits
  • Analytical Services

Unmatched Marine Knowledge and Experience
Drew Marine leads the industry with innovation, responsiveness, and cost-effective solutions. Established over eighty years ago, Drew Marine’s extensive knowledge and experience are unmatched in the industry. Our service engineers are often called upon to solve the most difficult technical problems while assuring compliance with regulations and requirements of the International Maritime Organization, Port States, Flag States, and Marine Class Societies.

Drew Marine’s global network offers a broad array of onboard and shoreside technical support. The Drew Marine team has access to state-of- the-art research facilities, proprietary methodology and numerous patented technologies.

Water Treatment Products

A water treatment program from Drew Marine will combine water treatment chemicals, equipment and methods that are appropriate for your equipment and are designed to work together. Factors that affect product selection include system pressure, temperature, flow rates and dosage requirements. Tanks, pumps and chemicals as recommended by your Drew Marine Account Executive and Service Engineer will be compatible with one another and deliver a long service life. Because our programs have an integrated components design, they optimize program effectiveness, maximize crew safety and minimize chemical consumption, and environmental impact.

Fuel Management Solutions

With ever changing fuel quality, higher fuel costs and more stringent regulations, Drew Marine recommends a risk-based approach to fuel management. This proven solution set is based on knowing your fuel and identifying opportunities in reducing your maintenance and operating costs in handling fuel from sludge reduction and combustion enhancement to corrosion and emissions control.

  • Leading marine fuel additive provider
  • Complete solution package from testing to additive treatment recommendations
  • Global support network for all aspects of Fuel Management including training

Maintenance – Refrigeration Products

Drew Marine’s refrigerant products, including gasses, cylinders, and equipment provide customers with the security of ensuring their regulatory and operational requirements will be met. Our application based expertise guides our product selection process to ensure that Drew Marine provides the most value in the industry.

  • 10,000+ cylinders, and wide selection of equipment, are available in 100+ locations worldwide
  • R22, R134a, R404A, and R407C available globally
  • Global service and sales networks allow consultation onboard or shoreside for appropriate equipment selection

Cargo Holds

Drew Marine carries a complete suite of chemicals and equipment for your dry bulk cargo operations. Depending on the type of cargo residue being cleaned, one of the following cleaners is recommended:

  • EDGE
  • LAC

In addition to our cleaners, we also provide simple equipment to monitor pH levels in bilges and neutralizing chemicals for acidic bilge water. Our bulk carrier selections include gas detectors and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus/Compressors.

Maintenance Solutions: Engine Rooms

Drew Marine offers a suite of superior maintenance chemicals designed to remove typical foulings encountered in the engine room. Our chemicals, coupled with our experience in cleaning critical systems onboard for over 80 years, ensure we provide tailored, cost-effective solutions to ensure your systems are maintained at peak efficiency. We offer products specifically developed for the applications listed below.

For more information about our products and specific applications, contact your Drew Marine Representative.


  • Air Cooler Cleaning
  • Bilge Cleaning
  • Carbon Removing
  • Descaling
  • Electric Parts Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • General Purpose Cleaning
  • General Purpose Degreasing
  • Iron Oxide removal from diesel cooling water systems and passivator
  • Lube Oil/Fuel Oil Contaminant removal from marine equipment
  • Rust and Rust Stain Removal
  • Separator Cleaning

IMO Approved Tank Cleaners

Drew Marine has been providing tank cleaners and application expertise to the maritime industry for over 80 years. Our portfolio of cleaning chemicals includes several IMO approved tank cleaners, each designed specifically to remove various cargo residues remaining after unloading cargoes carried in the cargo tanks of parcel/product tankers. Our full range of alkaline cleaners, solvent-based cleaners, acid-based cleaners, and neutral-based tank cleaners are economical and highly effective in removing animal oils, vegetable oils, greases, mineral oils, or scale. Our tank cleaners have been approved under IMO MEPC.1/Circ. 590 and are listed below:

  • EDGE
  • LAC